Toxic Designer Stim Update: CONFIRMED

slimxtreme-sx_boxLast week ST was the first to report about information discovered on regarding a very popular stimulant containing a potentially cardio-toxic designer drug related to the stimulants modafinil and pipradrol. The speculation is now over as verified by testing the product against a standard for the drug, thus proving the presence of the compound 2-(diphenylmethyl) pyrrolidine.

In light of this information the company in question pulled the product from its website, citing that it is investigating “the concerns being alleged and will currently examine ways to improve (the) formula to create an even more effective product.” They have yet to announce a recall on the dangerous product or to tell consumers to discontinue its use. This stance is a far cry from the original response in the statement initially made by the Chief Marketing Officer:

“Phenyl-pyrrolidinyltoluene on the other hand is novel and very mild (you won’t find it in wiki). Its a proline analog that is found in carrots and tobacco plants. When you take it, it has very little simulating effect and lasts about 6 hours. However it has strong appetite suppression, just not a very powerful stim. Very very very mild. When combined with a xanthine and caffiene and time released you get the xathine stims + the proline analog and get SX.

So yes, 100% the info in this thread is wrong and very off. I would hope that people will not say this is this, until it is confirmed that. As the compound listed in the first post is VERY different and probably illegal.”

Since this response, representatives of the company have stayed strangely quiet and have yet to give an official response regarding their “investigation”.

In addition,, the World’s largest online supplement retailer, has pulled the companies ENTIRE supplement line – including clothing – thus distancing them from any potential backlash against the company.

Discussion online now focuses on the lack of safety data on the compound and the potential for human harm.

Once again, Steroid Times will continue to follow the story as more information becomes available.

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