2-(diphenylmethyl) pyrrolidine- toxic stimulant found in supplement product?

msSteroid Times has recently become aware of  breaking news occurring on various supplement, bodybuilding and recreational drug forums. Apparently, a recent change to a supplement’s label has sparked a controversy over a mislabeled stimulant product being sold over the counter. While various internet personalities argue over the possibilities of what exact compound is in the product, ST has decided to give its unbiased review of currently available information and cut through the bullshit.

Phenyl-pyrrolidinyltoluene, the claimed ingredient named on the product label, is said to actually be 2-(diphenylmethyl) pyrrolidine, a potentially cardiac-toxic designer drug related to the stimulants modafinil and pipradrol. Although it has been argued on Bodybuilding.com that the “supplement” ingredient is a “proline analogue,” a quick review of the relevant GC/MS data presented at www.Bluelight.ru, along with the structures and the responses being put forth, makes it difficult to believe that the compound is anything but a toxic (and likely illegal) stimulant.

Previously, the Washington Post had reported that the company producing the product-in-question had been involved in the sale of designer steroids marketed as nutritional supplements.

Steroid Times will continue to follow the story as more information becomes available.

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