Operation Raw Deal = Busy Work for Slacking DEA?

I live in a major city in the US. A city that depends heavily on tourism, and a city that is probably the largest drug port in the United States. My city is ravaged by drug addicts of all sorts – from the cocaine using teenagers stumbling out of the club, to the crackhead with the constant itch begging me for $1 on my way to lunch. Its everywhere I go – Everywhere I look there is SOMEONE using illicit substances. Just the other day I was driving towards the highway, and I saw what appeared to be a very cracked out prostitute using the 6 inch flame on her lighter to smoke “something”. Mind you, I was also in a section of town where 12 people were recently shot at a party with an assault rifle because of some recent drug activity/transaction that went bad I guess. I would assume its safe to say that drugs have a horrible impact on my city, my life, and I am sure the rest of the country just the same.

So, if this is the case…then why is the DEA spending so much of their time, effort, and finances on anabolic steroids: the one illegal drug that seems to have no real effect on the public. Aside from the worst possible scenario I can see being an un-educated user shutting down his HPTA for life, but I didn’t think the US Drug Enforcement Agency would care much about low testosterone as drinking alcohol has its own effect in that regard. Needless to say, there is always news on Steroids – some customs official nabbing a suitcase of Sustanon, or some UGL being shut down in New Bedford. In reality, is it that the DEA is chasing these people, or is it that this is the easiest thing that comes their way?

Drugs like Heroin, Cocaine, marijuana are produced in uncontrolled/documented situations… Much like UnderGround Domestic labs in the Steroid World. A Kilo of Cocaine can land in Oklahoma, and if no one is near it, then there is probably no real way to pinpoint its origin…but in the case of Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids – there are batch codes, a code that is imprinted on the bottle, and recorded as to the production date, and that is linked to where products from that batch were distributed to. A paper trail of sorts. So in reality, all a DEA agent needs to do is pick up a bottle, and follow the trail as far as his jurisdiction will take him. Doesn’t sound like an active ongoing project really. I mean… when they DO find the guy who sent it into the country, they tie him to an insane amount of shipments, slap a 2yr charge on him and he’s free. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it should be against the law period, so the less time the poor guy gets the better… but honestly, if you believe whole-heartily like the US Goverment does that Anabolic Steroids are the devil of the modern day, then I would think they wouldn’t do all this “work” for nothing essentially. What does taking someone HUGE in the drug world out for 2 years really accomplish? I would think it would have a negative impact more so then a positive?….

Consider this: a site such as www.World-Pharma.org sells Authentic, Human grade, Licensed anabolic steroids. I can say from Experience (capitol E!)  that one of the brands they carry, Asia Pharma is of amazing quality, and represents by far some of the best products I have ever used –  the goods are legit and produced in an actual lab, lowering the risk of infections and so forth to minimal if any….but let’s say they get busted, and shut down, and a few other online pharmacies just like them got busted as well… then were would users turn? Would they stop using?? Absolutely not… they would turn to underground labs, who offer products that aren’t manufactured with the same quality control or  standards… thus INCREASING the risks associated with steroid use. Simply stated, the black market was created by the government, and the more legitimate sources for human grade anabolics that go down, the less safe it becomes. Counterintuitively, the DEA is making things LESS, not MORE safe for people, in the case of anabolic steroids.

The real concerns people like me have (quality, dosing, sterility, etc…) are easily addressed when we have access to legit products, like Asia Pharma.  So is the DEA really benefiting the public health, or putting it at greater risk just to look busy?

I did an article recently about the effects of Operation Raw Deal on my daily life – you can view it here: OPERATION RAW DEAL OUTCOME
Once again I am going to point out, despite all the hype, news, media I see/hear about the crackdown on Steroids… I happen to know a ton of people who are currently using, and after doing a little more “networking” around my neighborhood I was able to find a ton of people with solid connections. In addition, I also have numerous friends in a variety of Countries, US, Canada, ETC that have ordered from sites like WORLD-PHARMA and have received numerous packages within 5-7 days. Should I assume that through tough security measures that all these packages came through, or that no one is really checking from them unless they bust open, leak all over the floor…then some postal inspector informs the DEA, who makes it the 7PM NEWS Special about how hard they are working to fight this “ongoing issue?”

Everyday someone is breaking into a car around here, robbing a store, begging for change… and I am 100% sure it is to feed a crack/heroin/pill addiction. I dont think I have ever seen a 250LB+ man ask me for nickel for his next amp of Sustanon. Is the DEA really doing anything to stop the hard drugs in America, or are they just keeping their pencils moving so we leave them alone?

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