Is there no supply, or is it just no one is talking?

boatsnhoesIts been almost 2 years since Operation Raw deal went down, and frankly, being just an “Average Joe” within the steroid world for the most part, I haven’t really noticed much changing in terms of being able to source gear. I cant say that I was actively hunting for AAS, since I sustained a pretty bad injury a few years back, and the stress of starting a business and maintaining my life kept me finding excuses to avoid the gym until now, but I hear of everyone else showing progress, and talking about their cycles – so as far as I was concerned, everything for the end user was still the same.

You see, most of you wont know me, since my name doesn’t appear in any books, or in any articles you have read until now, and I certainly haven’t been featured in any headlines for selling steroids. However, for those of you who actively participate in forums/boards and such, we probably have exchanged a few words at some point, since I have spent my fair share of time on many fitness/steroid boards including one that I admin – . So basically, other then my fictional persona, I am no one in this world.

That is how I best relate with most of you. Granted I know alot of people, and see/hear alot of the behind the scenes news from friends like Anthony Roberts I really am not any more involved in this scene then the average reader/user. This is where I realized how much Operation Raw Deal actually affected people like us. Sure, we weren’t the baseball players under scrutiny, or the UGL’s being shut down across the country, and most of us weren’t even the locker room dealers being napped to help the DEA. We were just people, using – and since a fair amount of time had passed since I last used AAS regularly, I was certainly expecting some changes. I assumed a price jump was inevitable, since “business” wasn’t as easy for the big guys I knew a bottle of test was going to cost me a few bucks more -.

I grew up in Boston, where everyone wishes they were from Jersey, and they dress and juice like they already were. Gear was easy to find. Since the club scene/gym scene were one in the same, and since drinks are expensive as sh*t at a club, people who deal will not turn anyone down. I had a few friends I knew who were tight with UGL’s, but the quality/consistency was so flaky I didn’t even bother with them. Most everyone I knew was using pharma grade, and they were paying for it without a doubt. I still wasn’t ready to jump back on cycle, so I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the actual market, but as far as I could tell, nothing had really changed.

Recently I moved to Miami Beach, and here I figured was going to be the BodyBuilding Mecca, with a steady supply of hot ass, and cocaine I couldn’t see how finding AAS would be any issue at all… unless of course you were an out of shape white man who couldn’t speak the espanol! Apparently that is the description of a DEA agent or what have you, because I have not been able to find a single drop of juice around here. Now, I know there is by no means a shortage because the guys at my gym are monstrous, I mean..Ronnie Coleman status. There are guys easily benching 500+, and aside from them, there are the common run of the mill guido’s and the bloated messes chewing up their first d-bol only cycles that just line the streets of Miami Beach.

So, is there really a shortage of AAS? Perhaps the government has pushed the “underground” even more..well UNDERGROUND, or perhaps people are just getting better gear, and staying with Pharma grade that they dont want to give up to anyone in fear of losing their supply. Whatever it may be, I dont think that by any means that AAS is dry anywhere other then the corners of the world that don’t really care about it. If there is a gym in your neighborhood, then there is someone who is using or dealing – the true question is, are they willing to talk about it.

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