Toxic compound in dietary supplement update: Company back peddles

While we still await an official statement by the company in question (which is now two weeks to the day since this info was confirmed, and has apparently since been reconfirmed by another laboratory test []) some more information has come to light. This new information came courtesy of a company rep on the Anabolic Minds public supplement forum (since the company had their sponsored forum removed immediately after the toxic compound was confirmed). The company rep goes by the username ‘jim623’ and may have recently put his foot in his mouth regarding concerns about the product and its use.

The first post in question was in response to a question posed by a user called ‘Cellardude’, stating,

“I bought this new bottle from my friends supplement store. They still get fresh slim xtreme daily. I though it was supposed to be “discontinued”

To which jim623 responded,

“It wasn’t formally pulled from the market, production was stopped pending test due to speculations.”

This same post is quoted by jim623 to state,

“If production has not resumed by the time the stock runs out, they will not be able to get any more.”

These statements suggest that while the company is apparently ceasing production to look into concerns of user safety, they are still shipping their  leftover stock.

The obvious implications of that statement is pointed out by board moderator ‘Jayhawkk’ when he posts,

“Well production and stock on hand are two different animals… they could have easily stopped production but if they continue to sell off what they have then it makes no sense. If companies are still selling this I wonder if they have been notified.”

Realising his mistake, jim623 back peddles with the following post,

“Production for a fact, has stopped. As for how much stock and why or if it’s still going out, I can’t say for sure. I may have overstepped on that last post.”

Two more of his posts in the thread start alarm bells ringing with Steroid Times, most notably,

“I just checked with admin. There wasn’t much stock to begin with since it was selling so fast, and since production has stopped, distribution has also stopped.”


“I don’t think they’re getting it from AX. More than likely, it’s coming from another distributer that still had some. It wasn’t a recall, just a production halt.”

Even during his side stepping in order to save company face, he essentially confirms that the company continued to let the product get on retailer shelves and have not announced a product recall despite the concerns for user safety!

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