The Dirty Dozen: 12 anabolic steroid experts who have worked in the nutritional industry

The following is a list of the twelve most published authors in the field of anabolic steroids who have also worked in the nutritional industry designing sports supplements:

  1. Dan Duchaine: Author of the Underground Steroid Handbook, author for Muscle Media 2000, convicted steroid dealer, designed the nutritional supplements Ultimate Orange and Designer Protein.
  2. Bill Roberts: Author for, T-Nation, designs supplements for Biotest.
  3. Jens Ingenohl: Author of the Clenubterol Handbook and the World Anabolic Review, is an owner of the nutritional company Nutrex.
  4. Bruce Kneller: Author for under the pseudonym Brock Strasser, convicted steroid dealer, currently works for Gaspari Nutrition.
  5. Victor Conte: Convicted steroid dealer, founder of BALCO, current owner of SNAC Nutrition.
  6. Author L. Rea (Scott Jensen): Author of Chemical Muscle Enhancement, Building the Perfect Beast, convicted steroid dealer, owner of ALR Industries. Has faced numerous allegations and legal problems stemming from tainted supplements.
  7. Michael Zumpano: Co-author of Underground Steroid Handbook, founder of Champion Nutrition
  8. Bill Phillips: Author of The Anabolic Reference Guide, publisher of Muscle Media 2000, former owner of the nutritional company EAS.
  9. Patrick Arnold: Author for Muscular Development, convicted steroid dealer for BALCO, founder of ErgoPharm, co-owner of Proviant Technologies. Has faced numerous allegations and legal problems stemming from tainted supplements.
  10. Anthony Roberts: Author of Anabolic Steroids, Ultimate Research Guide, Beyond Steroids, Generation S* (forthcoming), designed supplements for Protein Factory and Custom Capsule.
  11. William Llewellyn: Author of Anabolics 2000 (and subsequent yearly editions), author for Muscular Development, owner of Molecular Nutrition.
  12. Dave Palumbo: Former Muscular Development author, convicted of growth hormone distribution, current owner of Species Nutrition

*Honorable and dishonorable mention:

  1. Bart Harcourt (Jeff Summers): former owner of, partners with William Llewellyn, publisher of “Anabolic Insider” newsletter, owner of Impact Nutrition. Dead from suspected drug overdose.
  2. Everett Harcourt: Owned after his brother (Jeff) died, owns, produces supplements that are marketed to look and sound like anabolic steroids.
  3. Jose Antonio: Author of for Muscle Media 2000, has authored medical journal articles on anabolic steroids, current CEO of VPX Nutrition.
  4. Peter Jenkins: Founder of Next Nutrition, Dan Duchaine’s old steroid-dealing partner.
  5. Nelson Montana: Former author, Muscle Mag International author, contributor, designs nutritional supplements for Protein Factory.
  6. John Romano: Former Senior Editor of Muscular Development, current employee of Species Nutrition.

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