Sports Illustrated versus the International Society of Sports Nutrition

sicovermannySports Illustrated recently highlighted what appears to be an improper relationship between the International Society of Sports Nutrition and the nutritional supplement industry:

Even supplement makers that submit their products for independent testing have trouble escaping the appearance of impropriety. In 2008 VPX funded a study by Willoughby on one of its products, a fat burner called Meltdown, but only after it was already on the market. That study appeared in the journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) in December. The CEO of ISSN is Jose Antonio, who had been an employee of VPX for almost a year before the study’s publication.

In fact, Jose Antonio is not just the CEO of the ISSN, but one of the founders, and is also an editor-in-chief of the journal where the study appeared, and Willoughby is a member of the Editorial Board.

Douglas S. Kalman, the other founder of the ISSN, also appears to have his hands in studies of a dubious nature. The New York Times has previously reported that Mr. Kalman has been found guilty of altering the safety & efficacy outcomes of various studies, for the benefit of his employers, including the nutritional companies MuscleTech and Cytodyne. He has also appeared in advertisements for Nutrex, the nutritional company who produces Lipo-6.

The final editor-in-cheif, Richard B. Kreider, has additionally helped author and co-author numerous studies that could rightly be termed commercially beneficial to interests of various ISSN editorial board members.

Most recently, Maris Spano, the vice president of the ISSN has fired back at the Sports Illustrated piece, conspicuously avoiding the issue of internal conflicts of interest and past impropriety within her organization, calling the article “one-sided” and “unfortunate”.

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