Signature Pharmacy: Justice does not Exist

Signature Pharmacy: Justice does not Exist

It looked like it was over and Signature Pharmacy believed it was but in a surprising turn of events this roller-coaster is going to keep flying and it appears someone is hoping it will fly right off the rails. Signature believed they were out of the woods and issued several statements expressing their excitement and relief that this nightmare was over and behind them; they knew the appeal process was still in motion but all signs pointed to ordeal being slammed shut.

The Appellate Court has blocked the lower court’s dismissal in a unanimous 5-0 decision by the federal judges. Signatures attorney’s issued a statement saying this was indeed a bad sign of things to come being as the appellate court would never issue a stay unless the district attorney “is likely to succeed on the merits of his request.”

The higher court has bought the prosecutions claim that the dismissal granted Signature Pharmacy by Judge Herrick “far exceeded his authority and has violated separation of powers principles, potentially causing irreparable harm.”

This is not a bad sign for Signature or those who support the cause Signature is a part of; it’s not bad at all; it’s absolutely horrible! The war on steroids has taken a massive hit with this case and not because it may bring Signature to its knees but because it may signify that any case involving PED’s is guilty regardless of the situation. With the appellate courts manner in which they handled themselves right before New Year’s Eve it is becoming more and more apparent that many courts are unwilling to consider or even look at the other side of the coin. Innocent until proven guilty? Not when steroids are on the brain.

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