Seven Years for U.K. Smuggler

Thirty-Nine year old Nicholas Aristotelous of Leeds was sentenced to seven years for one of the largest steroid smuggling cases in recent U.K. history. The five year operation of Aristotelous was high run, netting him a life any business man would be envious of and that’s exactly how Aristotelous ran his operation.

Aristotelous ran his £5m importing business from his home in Leeds specializing in human growth hormone, anabolic steroids and a host of other class C drugs. During his trial the court determined Aristotelous was in-fact the mastermind of the operation which included five other men with Aristotelous at the top of the syringe filled pyramid. To give you an idea of the size of Aristotelous’ operation, upon the raid of his home in Leeds, a total of 193,662 tabs of Diazepam were found; all of the tabs were in bottles aptly labeled “Multivitamin.”

Aristotelous had begun to build a small personal empire that was set to go global before his walls came crashing down but after five years of living the high life this business man was brought down in a thunderous roar.

The court further determined that Aristotelous supply was primarily coming from the Far-East, most notably China, a country long associated with black market steroid supplying. Aristotelous regularly flew in and out of China where he made his transfers using his dying grandfathers banking information in order to cover his own tracks. According to Aristotelous, what really set him off was a meeting in 2004 with a Chinese professor who according to Aristotelous supplied the Chinese Olympic Team at the Beijing Olympics.

The war on steroids continues and appears to be getting stronger and stronger. Despite an ever growing infiltration of law enforcement upon the performance enhancing world, the growth of illegal distribution seems to continue to grow just as rapidly. Aristotelous is just another number in a game that seems to have no end in sight.

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