Scientists Design Muscle Mimetic

Just passing on some info from a BBC news article I came across recently discussing the news that scientists from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver have developed a material that mimics muscle. I don’t have much to say on the topic, but I find it fascinating and wanted to share.

_47786806_muscle_spl_226The proteins the scientists have created mimic the molecular architecture of the protein, Titin. As far as peptide proteins go, titin is the largest in the body and anchors the interior of a muscle cell restricting its range of motion. This is important as it largely determines how elastic and stretchy a muscle can be. The biomaterial they have created acts like rubber, showing high resilience at low strain and shock-absorption at high strain, muscle like real muscle tissue.

Its not yet determined whether this material will be compatible with human tissue, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will mean I can become bionic one day. Ill trade in my synthetic strap that holds mu shoulder together for the newest model.

Source: Lv S, Dudek DM, Cao Y, Balamurali MM, Gosline J, Li H. Designed biomaterials to mimic the mechanical properties of muscles. Nature. 2010 May 6;465(7294):69-73.

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