One for the Good Guys: Signature Pharmacy

The three year investigation of Signature Pharmacy is over. In 2007 federal prosecutors began bombarding Signature and labeling them as one of the premier supplier of PED’s in the sports arena. With locations in both New York and Florida, a federal judge dismissed charges in the New York area in 2008 but the case continued in Florida for the next two years.

It is a rare instance for one of these horrendous situations to turn out well but Signature has survived as a Federal judge crushed the prosecution and ordered all evidence to be returned into the hands of Signature Pharmacy.

The U.S. Attorney’s office has declined to speak on this matter but a statement issued by Signature Pharmacy expressed elated joy; you think? So how did they do it, how did they pull off what seems like a miracle to many?

New York District Attorney David Soares continued to raise charges against Signature and in-turn, Signature sued Soares in the Florida court. All charges brought against Signature were crushed when the judge deemed a conflict of interest; Signature claimed Soares had violated their civil rights thereby deeming by the judge a conflict of interest between the two parties.

New York prosecutors have appealed the decision but as it stands it looks as if Signature Pharmacy has dodged the testosterone filled bullet. In more than one way this is a strange outcome and a rarity is perhaps the understatement of the year. Business will continue in Florida and Signature Pharmacy has said they are eager to continue unhinged and provide top-notch results. Let Happiness and Steroids reign!

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