NJ Law Enforcement Officers Still Under the Gun

New Jersey law makers call for stringent testing and investigations of their law enforcement officers and firefighters. Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex) has asked NJ Attorney General Paula Dow to determine if criminal charges should be pursued since the drugs were purchased for non-medical reasons and paid for using government benefits. In a statement, McKeon adamantly addressed the situation “These people should go to jail. They shouldn’t be on the public dole for substances that are, for the most part, illegal and might constitute insurance fraud.”

NJ Attorney General Paula Dow

At this stage, investigations have shown that hundreds of officers and firefighters have received substances from a Dr. Joseph Colao and have accused Colao of falsifying diagnosis in order to prescribe medications of steroids and human growth hormone. According to “The Star Ledger” the total cost to tax payers is in the millions of dollars, although no exact amount has been given.

Attorney General Dow has stated the officers and government employees have in-fact committed fraud and appear to be in direct violation of the law.
Police Union heads have stated they are in favor of random steroid drug testing for their officers but the legitimacy of this claim is to be determined. One has to question it since it is the union’s job to protect their employees and when you’re talking about a large number of employees involved, as in hundreds, this can often change the game.

With the recent bust of several FBI agents accused of similar practices, the gun pointed at various law enforcement individuals from the top to bottom of the totem pole appears to be growing. Some have argued if anyone should be allowed to use performance enhancing substances it should be law enforcement officers; it’s an argument that is long standing. However, as with citizens the law itself applies to all, including those upheld to enforce it. Hopefully for the sake of simple sanity these laws will be revisited in the near future and with any luck they will be adjusted to fit in the realm of common sense.

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