McCain’s Supplement Bill Loses Support

john-mccainSenator McCain recently introduced the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, S. 3002 to Congress but in less then a months time he has withdrawn his support of his own Bill. It seems that there was a huge grassroots response from supplement and vitamin users across the U.S. to stop this bill in its tracks. Considering the state of the Economy, national debt, unemployment and health care it’s shocking that Senator McCain introduced this bill in the first place. Of all the things the Senator could focus his efforts on this shouldn’t even make the top 20 and the American people agree.

So here is a congratulations to all those people who wrote their Senators to stop this Bill! But its not over yet, as Anthony Roberts blogged this morning, “There is, however, the potential for a compromise Bill with Hatch, so the supplement industry is not out of the woods yet. Not too long ago, then-Senator Biden managed to pass an anti-drug bill (called the Rave Act) by tagging it onto the Amber Alert laws (inexplicably).”

About the Author

Matt Cahill has worked extensively in the nutritional supplement field, and is the former CEO of Designer Supplements. During his time in the field has researched and developed prohormones, testosterone boosters, and other related compounds, both for his own company and others.