Mark McGwire comes clean about being dirty.

mcgwire-recordThis doesn’t come as a big surprise to anyone in the steroid industry but it’s certainly something to write about. I think its interesting that McGwire is willing to talk about his steroid use now (that he is getting a job back in baseball), seemingly after the statute of limitations would have run out for anything related to his use of illegal steroids but didnt want to when he was called in front of Congress 4 years ago.(1,4)

Honestly, I’m someone who thinks that all athletes should have the option of using steroids (prescribed by a Doctor) not only to improve their performance but also to improve their health and recovery during a season. I think it’s insane that we expect these athlete’s to compete at such a high level but are shocked to find out they were using something illegal to increase their performance. What’s even more insane to me is that the entire amphetamine issue in all sports, including baseball seems to just have been swept under the rug yet the useless steroid witch hunt continues on.(2)

michael-phelps-speedo1The Olympic Committee allows swimmers to use a special suit in order to reduce drag for faster swim times. Nike with the help of Bausch & Lomb created a special contact lens (MaxSight) for baseball players to make it easier for them to see the threads on the baseball better. The theory being they would distinguish between a fastball and say a curve ball faster allowing them to adjust to the pitch better.(3) We also don’t seem to question why 7.86% of MLB players have reported that they have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and require the use of prescription amphetamines (ie. Adderall) to help them deal with a health problem that only 1-3.5% of the rest of the U.S. population has. (2) Why not let them use something which has been shown to be incredibly safe (despite what you’ve heard in mainstream media steroids are safe), effective and its something they would be willing to use anyway.

So I say good for Mark and any other adult who chooses to use steroids for whatever the reason, just go see your Doctor first. If he were a 14 year old girl no one would have had an issue with it (they get steroids without even needing a parents approval, ie. birth control). If Mark wanted to inject a toxin into his body to paralyze his muscles no one would blink an eye (ie. Botox). What kind of a country do we live in that these would be allowed without a second thought but because he was using steroids he should be burned at the stake. botox-100units


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