HGH: JWoww Understands the Benefits…Really?

It’s coming this February, Jennie Farley, A.K.A. JWoww is releasing her new book aptly titled “The Rules According to JWoww.” If there’s one thing we can all agree upon, when it comes to Jersey Shore and the entire cast, you either love’em or hate’em, there is no in-between. In her upcoming book she will discuss all of those oh so important topics that are “Shore Tested” such as, landing a mint guy, staying fresh to death, kicking the competition to the curb and yes, human growth hormone.

Now do we expect the insights of the Jersey queen to be on par with the late great Duchaine? Come on, of course not, but at least she’s trying. Personally, I don’t care for the Jersey Shore program, it’s just more brain dead TV but I find it odd that someone who I would assume to be as smart as a cardboard box to be promoting the benefits of something I strongly believe in too. Hmmm…does this mean I’m the cardboard box? Maybe, or maybe JWoww deserves a little more credit. Right now we’ll have to wait and see. Her book hits shelves this February.

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