Frontier Economy reports that “doping is universal” has opined that there is no purity left to save in sports, and that pretending otherwise can put lives at risk:

By issuing blanket prohibitions that have little to do with safety concerns, sports authorities push athletes towards the illegal, and thus less monitored and more dangerous, use of these resources. They have little or no choice, as they cannot be competitive without them. But could you be competitive in a sport if you have never taken vitamins or an antibiotic during your entire life? Making testing and research illegal by itself, sports authorities are taking away critical information that athletes need, and unnecessarily risking their lives.

Micromanaging through arbitrary rules is both inefficient and dangerous. There should be a simple rule: whatever has been deemed safe by a group like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should be legal in a sports competition, and anything that hasn’t been deemed safe should be forbidden. It doesn’t fall to the International Olympic Committee, or any other organization, to take any more detailed decision for the athletes.

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