Congress Screws the People: The Lifter Even More!

Readers may ask why this is important information at first glance but of all things to discuss here this may indeed be one of the most important yet.

In the beginning it looked as if it would be defeated but I’m sorry to say the nightmare is real. The Food Safety Modernization Act S.510 has now passed both houses of congress and is set to be signed into law by president Obama before Christmas. Why is this important and why should you care? As someone who has an interest in training and lifting and all that encompasses and as regulations become tighter on performance enhancing drugs across the globe, this legislation in the U.S. could indeed have a far more reaching effect on the trainer than any law so far.

The “EXCUSE” for this legislation was brought forth due to the few instances of tainted foods that hit the shelves the past few years; most notably a very small percentage of eggs and beef and a fair amount of spinach. This new legislation will extend the power and reach of the FDA beyond oversight and directly into powerful regulation; you might say the FDA is now on steroids! Of course as we all know, government works best when it has far reaching power beyond its intent (Sarcasm Intended.)

It has been common practice for the FDA to regulate food when outbreaks occur; most would agree this is good; if a producer brings forth tainted food they should be required to fix it and no producer is purposely going to deliver tainted food; like all business, food production desires to bring forth a good product. However, now the FDA has the power to regulate beforehand.
I know what you’re thinking “so what? We want quality, safe food.” Of course you do and again, no food producer wants to give you tainted beef or eggs; if you’re throwing-up after each bite of beef you won’t buy that beef anymore. But what is this new legislation going to do to prices? What else, drive them through the roof! The oversight on food production is now going to be so overreaching, the cost of meat alone is suspected to increase double at best; maybe higher.

Keep in mind as well, now the same government that recommends you only eat around 40 grams of protein per day is regulating every aspect of food production. Do you really think this is going to end well?

The only saving grace is the new incoming congress has vowed to cut federal spending. If they are to hold to this promise it will cripple the FDA and make this new legislation irrelevant. However, legislation already signed into law by a supporting president will make it a battle of brutal proportions. There is also a chance of a repeal of the law when the new congress takes power and even though a longshot it’s worth fighting for. When the new congress takes over and if you still want to be able to afford the foods you need for your training, I urge you to contact congress and tell them to repeal this horrendous law. To find contact information for your elected officials, go to

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