Axio Busted: Who Cares

The big talk on steroid blogs and boards the past few weeks has revolved around the supposed bust of Axio. OK, fine but do we really care? Axio is another brand on a long list of UG brands to go down in flames in recent years and more importantly, was there anything that great about their product?

Sure, you can go to one of the boards where they are sponsors and you will hear a song of praise comparable to the hallelujah chorus; kind of like going to any supplement website, of course they’re going to say “Hey we’re great!”

If we recall, back in 2009, I know that’s a long, long time ago, William Llewellyn reported that Axio had a serious problem with quality control. From Llewellyn’s discovery, nearly 50% of Axio’s oil-based products were in-fact about 50% water. For the ineptly-brain-dead, this is not a positive attribute. Around this time Anthony Roberts claimed to have inside information insinuating Llewellyn had accepted a bribe and this was the reason for his poor-report on the Axio line. Now you can choose who to believe, one is truth, one is a lie but let’s look at Axio some more.

Since its inception, countless post on a host of message boards have voiced a concern of a serious under dosed Axio line; countless reports of extremely painful injection sites from basic testestosterones and of course, post of “no results at all.” Now if Llewellyn’s water report was true does it really hurt anyone physically? No, not really, it’s just water but that’s a problem and would make it a poor product alone.

The Bottom Line:

There’s good gear, there’s contaminated gear and there’s low quality gear. There are brands that you never hear an ill-word spoken against and it would make sense to the simplest of us of all that “The Good Brands” are what you want to use. I know, I know, Axio is a good deal when it comes to price, it is, no one can argue that; but if you buy a 5lb jug of protein for $15 and find out over 50% of it was baking-soda and sugar, did you make a savvy purchase?

Truth You Need to Understand:

The days of quality Under Ground Labs, the days of a plethora of these operations existing is long gone and far behind us. Is there quality gear anywhere in the world being made in a UG lab? Sure, but they are far and few between. For years I have been standing on my soap-box telling you to use Human Grade Gear and if you do your concerns will be illuminated. Use Human Grade Gear and watch yourself grow; use Under Ground Gear and it’s a role of the dice. With that in mind, do you really care if Axio is no more?

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