50 + Busted In Operation Farmacia de Juicy Phruit.

Officials in Houston , Texas are saying 66 people (a number that has fluctuated between the 50s -60s according to who you’re talking to) were detained on one of the biggest steroid bust the US has seen. Raids were executed  simultaneously , which also included actions in California and Georgia. It is alleged that Charles Falkengaen was the ringer leader of the initial bust and used his company Fitness consultants, as a front for his illegal activities.

Investigators say the suspects were distributing anabolic steroids, human growth hormones, ecstasy, vicodin, xanax, codeine syrup and viagra.

The state of  Texas was also a mainstay for Operation Raw Deal and has consistently made the news for several other steroid busts, including a person recently busted at his house for purchase of personal use. It seems that Texas has taken a very strict stance on steroids and refuses to back down. With a maximum charge of 900 years over Mr. Falkengaen’s head it seem like it will be a warning to all that want to distribute controlled substances in the Long Horn state.

It also seems that preliminary talk has it that some of the production was going on in a few of the suspects houses, and the powders were being shipped in from China. This will bring along quite a few more charges, and adds fuel to the fire that is the DEA.

The investigation and operation is being led by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

“A lot of people don’t think there’s much danger in the steroids, but there’s a lot of broken families, broken homes, people hurt that are caused by illegal use of steroids we never know about because of the many side effects…,” Wright said.”

“There are endless examples of tragedies caused by steroid and prescription drug abuse,” said Zoran Yankovich with the DEA. “Those arrests today are no different than traditional drug dealers peddling their poison — methamphetamines and cocaine and heroin — on the street corner.”

This leads me to the point at hand, that the ruling to make steroids a controlled substance, have given credibility to the former statements – although it is a little known fact that the DEA opposed making steroids  controlled substance, during the late ’80s. To compare plagues such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine to steroids is ignorance of unspeakable magnitude. It compares the likes of street gangs , shootings and prostitution to the recreational use of steroids at the gym.

I have always been bewildered by this view and will never accept. Steroids don’t take a perfect marriage and destroy it.  Nor will a Bodybuilder offer to perform fellatio for d-bol, how can we trust the intelligence of people like this when they are so uninformed that they believe their own babbling?

Steroid users are the modern day witches and our magic is that we grow muscle faster then most, we will not be left alone until the day we stand up for ourselves. So I say to all be safe be careful, and don’t get caught.

I’m outta here..

About the Author

Dr. S holds a PhD in public health and is employed by an Ivy League University.