$25,000 reward offered for information on Dr. Scott Connelly, Anthony Roberts and Vince Andrich.

$25,000 reward offered for information on  Dr. Scott Connelly, Anthony Roberts and Vince Andrich.

According to this recent posting on the website ascottconnelly.com, there is a $25,000 bounty on Scott Connelly, Anthony Roberts and Vince Andrich, for credible information regarding Dr. Connelly’s plot to destroy his former company, Progenex, and unfairly compete against it. Rewards are also offered for any information, which further tie Anthony Roberts to Scott Connelly.

According to sources, Scott Connelly has been sued by Progenex and its investors for fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and what may soon escalate to conspiracy charges.

Court records verify that Connelly has been sued more than 21 times for the same, and is currently collaborating with the likes of Anthony Roberts, Vince Andrich and others, to bankrupt the company he founded and defame its management. Connelly has allegedly gone as far as to threaten individuals using the US mail, as a means of intimidation, for the purpose of civil gain, which is extortion. Connelly is believed to be conspiring with Peter Hobman, General Manager of Murray Goulburn Cooperative (MGC), and Stephen O’Rourke, MGC’s shamed Managing Director, who was forced to resign last November amidst scandal.

Vince Andrich and Anthony Roberts both have criminal records. Anthony is a convicted drug dealer and cyber-terrorist, who has mounting civil judgments and seizures of his assets. Roberts, whose real name is Anthony Connors, has been commissioned by Connelly to harm Progenex and its management, and act as Connelly’s Internet libel vehicle. Vince Andrich is also wanted for cyber-terrorism and related hate crimes, and was ordered to pay $10 million restitution when he was found responsible for conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering.

Anyone with information about these individuals is asked to contact takedown@anthonyroberts.org. Tipsters may remain anonymous.

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