Vote For Manny

mannybannerIn a fit of insanity, I created a new site called “Vote for Manny“. Why would I possibly try to help Manny get elected as a starter to the 2009 All Star Game?
I think it’d be wonderful to watch MLB (Selig & Co.) uncomfortably try to figure out a new policy on the fly to keep him out of the game. Rather than proactively inact a rule similar to the NFL’s “Shawne Merriman rule“, the league is simply hoping that good ole Manny doesn’t get voted as a starter. They can then strongarm manager Charlie Manuel into not selecting Manny. (Even if Torre is his bench coach!)
Except one thing: We’re here to make sure Manny makes the Top 3.

Guess what? He’s already at #4 with over 1.2 million votes.

So what can you do?

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Vote early and often, kids.

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Jason Rosenberg began his blogging career in late 2007 at his own baseball-focused blog, ItsAboutTheMoney, Stupid.