The South African steroid scene

Africa is known as the ‘dark continent’ and we are at the faaaaar south, but, just because of our ‘remoteness’, do not underestimate the resources that that are available from this sunny part of the world. In this article i will try to give you a short overview of what is going on, on the sunny side of the world.

So let me start by dispelling a popular myth or rumour that i often get asked about:  STEROIDS ARE NOT LEGAL IN SOUTH AFRICA! That said, steroid are not a highly policed area in the drug market, any ‘busts’ or the like generally come from bodybuilders or dealers that are involved in manufacturing or importing other illicit drugs such as cocaine, exstacy, khat or crystal meth. The reality is that there are just not enough resources in South Africa to control such a small segment of the drug trade, they have bigger fish to fry.

We have  a range of anabolic products from black market to legitimate available to the athlete or bodybuilder. Many pharmacies are quite happy to sell drugs such a steroids, growth hormone, thyroid hormones and insulin ‘under the counter’ as long as cash is paid, the better you know the pharmacist, the better price you get. Those products that are not available from a pharmacy can be obtained relatively easily from your entrepreneurial gym dealer who will generally have at his disposal a range of imported or local underground brands.

On an international level brands such as Natures Vet, Keffei, Intervet and Global Anabolics are readily available. Locally labs such as PGW, Nomad and ARL (i will not go into much detail about these brands for obvious reasons) are of extremely high quality and would definately stand with the big boys.

Of course we are not so far out that we miss out on the booming counterfeit trade. We are starting to see excellent copies of international brands that would go easily unnoticed to even the seasoned user. There are of course your obvious fakes for example have you ever heard of a 200mg/ml water based Winstrol? or a 300mg per ml water based Test Suspension? i mean come on…if you going to fake something, at least make it believable!

We have a serious shortage of ‘gurus’ in this country and the beginner user is generally left to listen to the biggest musclehead in the gym for advice, which as we know is not always the best thing. Luckily Anthony Roberts is slowly educating the nation through his articles in Muscle Evolution Magazine. As of late many doctors are stepping forward to help, im sure at least some of you have heard of Doktari on some of the bodybuilding forums.

In general, in South Africa, the drugs are readily available, the scene is small and tight, and, thank God, we dont have a police like the FDA out here!

In future article’s i will update you on the goins on.

About the Author

Mark Stent is the South African correspondent for His previous writing credits include being published by Muscle Evolution (South Africa) and (United States), as well as being recognized as one of South Africa's foremost steroid experts.