The Legacy Of Primobolan

primobolan-depotPrimobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate) had formerly enjoyed the status of being a cult favorite. In fact, it enjoyed the reputation of being Arnold’s favorite steroid – yes, that Arnold (and no, I don’t know where this rumor started). It was claimed by Bill Phillips – yes, that Bill Phillips, that whatever muscle you gain on Primobolan, you keep.

But now, whenever this compound is brought up in online steroid forums, I read the same comments: it’s too expensive, its overrated, I would rather use Masteron (drostanolone propionate), etc.  And now, I find myself irritated, because when I try to explain the actual points that matter, the same comments are parroted at me. Personally, I find Primobolan to be an exemplary compound, and have had nothing but positive experiences with it.

Yes I do agree it can be quite pricey, but think about it, if it was quite pricey and no one purchased it, then the cost would go down. But this isn’t the case, and it is still widely used despite having one of the highest price tags in the black market attached to it.

The reason being, it works.

Though it may not have the explosion of Testosterone or the insomnia of Trenbolone, it still has its place.

primodex-100-primobolan-961Primo is part of the DHT family, and has a similar release time from the injection site into the bloodstream as a longer acting version of testosterone, namely Testosterone Enthate ( obviously they are both enthate esters ), and estrogen is never really an issue, even at high doses, or in gyno sensitive men. On the other side of that women have little to no issue taking Primobolan. Right down to the point, Primo is the safest steroid and pound for pound has the least amount of side effects, even at really high doses ( though not needed).

That all sounds great , but there are still the inpatient , quick fix users that are like, ya its weak that’s why it has no side effects. First I would like to point out that most of your gains made from Primo are permanent, if that’s not enough, usually the gains are lean, quality gains. So I may not yelp when I bench press, but I will keep my gains, how can you go wrong? Once again, that seems great, but some will still feel like it is not worth it because it does cause high blood pressure, or some other inconvenient side effect that some relate with muscle gain.

I think its best attribute is its effects on the other compounds stacked with it. Its unique quality overlap on to the other compounds. With Test, you see less water retention, and allows for better , cleaner gains.  I have to state overall I retain more of my gains when Primo is involved, it caters the gains in the direction I want. In my opinion, no other steroid , besides Test, has a bigger effect on a cycle .

So lets look at the down side, its price. Lets be real, steroids are not cheap, and a good amount of money is spent to do a 12 week cycle. So when it comes to paying a little extra for Primo, it seems reasonable to me and I will tell you why.  If I do a cycle of  Test & Deca, and I spend $500, and I gain 25 pounds , but lose half when I come off. On the other hand,  I could spend $700 for a cycle of Testosterone & Primobolan and gain 18 pounds and keep 17 of them, which would you prefer? These are actual stats from cycles of mine, not just random numbers, or un-repeat-able figures from some medical study.

When planning a good cycle it  is NOT about how much you will gain, it is about how much you will keep. Remember that. I gotta  go, but if you have any questions or comments please send them to , or visit my blog at www.steroidslive .com .

About the Author

Dr. S holds a PhD in public health and is employed by an Ivy League University.