Steroids of Sobriety

Sobriety is a thing of common knowledge now a days, it is basically ( not to trivialize ) but it is the act of getting clean and getting your life back together after a period of uncontrolled drug or alcohol use. It is on TV every other reality school has at least one drunk or junky. It takes a lot of strength , courage , and sacrifice to get clean . Now I don’t mean someone who occasionally uses and stops and tries to make it out that they are a hero. I mean , someone who was lost and could not overcome it , without a power great then themselves. I have come to the conclusion that there is a progressing movement of people in sobriety finding there way into the steroid forums , and into gyms all across the country. I come to this conclusion by socializing on several boards.

The movement seems only reasonable , to go from a life style that revolves around only getting high or drunk , neither of which have anything to do with health , how you look , or anything resembling that. Nope , you like like shit!!! Your in horrible shape , your hygiene is questionable at best. So when you finally get clean , it is time to make a change , you do everything to live a better life, and after all the cob webs have cleared , getting in shape seems like a great idea , but it almost seems impossible after all the years of neglect.

First you hit the gym , and either lose a few pounds or put on a few pounds of muscle , the effects bring your spirit and moral up , or even give you a positive way to get your anger out. Now you have a healthy hobby that makes you feel good inside. This is a good thing at a time when good habits and good things are needed in your life. As I look over this movement you see more and more members are admitting that they are “Friends of Bill”. Like anything else , for every one person you have proclaiming they are , you have 4 or 5 who do not disclose for their own personal reasons.

As a man of Anabolic Steroids and a person with extensive personal experience of drug and alcohol abuse, I do have an up close perspective of this . I feel if it is done properly , under the care of a doctor, and the cycle planned under the care of educated veterans , it seems like a win – win situation. You gain well needed self-esteem , confidence , and get to repair to an outter exterior that is a work in progress on its best day. The idea of a hobby that serves the above stated purpose and also keeps a sick mind ( working on getting less sick ) busy when it is most needed.

With all the positives you can find , there is ALWAYS the flip side of the coin. The possibility of transferring addictions is always there, to go from one substance to another is something that engulfs many who attempt to get clean. The sure fire way to check this out , is are they able to follow the rule time on = time off, which is hard for any juicer, let alone a person with an addictive personality. If you can maintain this rule, while all others fail, it is a good sign. Next , you have the unresolved anger, most that do drugs , do so to not feel and to avoid underlying events or issues. Now as I have said Roid Rage is normally reflective of a persons anger, steroids do not cause angry people , it just takes an angry man and make them slightly easier to set off. So underlying issues can come to the surface . This should be a thought for anyone interested in joining this group.

In the end no one really listens if they think they know something already, this is how it is. I think this movement can be a good thing if the reasons and reasoning are right. Most are pillars of the forums and always are there to lend a helping hand . Their fellow AA and NA members may think this is a drug , but if it was legal they would not even take a second thought. Most are some of the strongest people you will ever meet and I don’t mean on the bench, they are Sober Juicers and our forum brothers.

About the Author

Dr. S holds a PhD in public health and is employed by an Ivy League University.