Sex, drugs, & bodybuilding

backgirlFor a sport filled with such attractive athletes and beautiful girls just begging to “get noticed” it’s not a surprise that sex and bodybuilding go hand-in-hand.      Physique competitors play an interesting role in sexual culture, and what would you expect from a group of hard bodied people with access to more chemical advantages than a porn star?

I don’t just mean athletic performance enhancing drugs…I’m also talking about sexual performance enhancing drugs, and not only the stuff good ‘ol dad picks up at the local pharmacy each month.  Many drugs used for performance enhancement or sexual enhancement double up and serve as both (although the stuff that dad picks up each month would also fit into both categories as well).

As this connection becomes more and more mainstream,  nutritional supplement companies have ps-bottle_mainsought to capitalize on the trend, and  begun to create products such as “Porn Star” (by ALR Industries) and market them to sexual culturists.

Testosterone is likely to be the most commonly used, well recognized drug that earns an “A+” in both athletics and sexual performance.  It’s muscle building and athletic enhancing properties are undeniable and have been commonplace in sports and Hormone Replacement Therapy clinics for decades.  Testosterone is directly responsible for increases in libido and penile erection frequency and easily earns a reputation as the Gold Standard for anyone wanting to thoroughly maximize their potential.

Next on our list are prescription vasodialators such as Viagara, Cialis and Levitra.  Just as the name implies, these drugs cause the arterial blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow in the body, particularly in tissues with higher metabolic needs, such as working muscles during a workout.  The decrease in blood pressure caused by this group of drugs also helps to maximize cardiovascular output.   During a workout, the user can expect to have a better “pump”  causing more blood, oxygen,  and nutrients to flow to working muscles and in return, allowing the muscles to work harder and recover faster.   In the bedroom, vasodialators cause increased blood flow to the penis, which, as the commercials warn, could go so far as to require you to “call your doctor if you experience an erection lasting more than 4 hours”.  I doubt anyone will argue that prescription vasodialators earn an “A-” in the bedroom and a “C” in the gym or on the field.

hitit1Cabergoline, also known as Dostinex, is the next drug on our ultimate enhancement list.  Cabergoline is a dopamine receptor agonist that reduces prolactin levels.  For the enhanced bodybuilder, high prolactin levels can stimulate mammary gland development and potentially cause galactorrhea, the spontaneous secretion of milk.  Yikes!  After initially learning these facts, any bodybuilder who has ever touched a syringe would likely be ready to give Cabergoline a try.   It’s easy to understand why Cabergoline would earn a “B” in the bodybuilding enhancement category.  For sexual enhancement, however, Cabergoline takes top honors and earns an “A+” for it’s ability to increase sex drive and enjoyment.  Since prolactin is the hormone released after an orgasm, causing the “I’m not in the mood anymore feeling” a partner using Cabergoline to reduce prolactin levels gains the ability to recover almost instantly after each “round”.

The final element in our arsenal of physique enhancing and sexually beneficial drugs is Melanotan II…yes, the “Barbie Doll Drug”.  Although Melanotan II won’t make you run faster, or induce hypertrophy to any extent, it will give you a bronze glow that will showcase every last bit of definition that you worked so hard to achieve.  Melanotan II also decreases appetite, making dieting easier or even causing some to unintentionally lower their calories and drop excess body fat.  For some, just seeing the fruits of their labor staring back at them in the mirror is enough to make them want to squeeze out a few more reps.  Between the sheets Melanotan II can cause increased excitement and enjoyment as well as have the potential for spontaneous erections, earning it a “D” in the gym and a “B” in bed.  sex-steroids1

All in all, the connection between bodybuilding and sex is undeniable, just a quick look at any bodybuilding magazine or peak inside any supplement store would verify this claim.   Next time you sit down to consider what form of enhancement you would like to try next, don’t forget to consider all the “added benefits” your stack may be offering, and not just the assistance you receive in the gym.

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