Patrick Arnold in serious debt to Gaspari Nutrition

patlab2In an ongoing discussion on, Patrick Arnold, the embattled former owner of Proviant Technologies and ErgoPharm, and former BALCO chemist, has been repeatedly put under fire by Gaspari Nutrition employees. Joe V., Gaspari’s vice-president of marketing has posed the following questions – and attacks – to Mr. Arnold:

And someone should take YOU seriously? How about you send back the tens of thousands of dollars you owe Rich Gaspari for the licensed product we paid for UP FRONT as per your instruction and never delivered. Huh? Until you pay up, do us all a favor and shut the **** up already.

You’re a hater, I cant understand how you take continued shots at the hand that WAS feeding you. You had a good gig and you f’d that up. We were nothing but good people to you. I cant stand people like you!

So you basically STOLE the money from Gaspari, have no plans to give it back AND you have the balls to continue to take shots at us? Thats amazing. I dont know how you hold your head up high in public. As a MAN -you’re an embarassment to yourself.

For Mr. Arnold’s side, he has claimed that the DEA seized Gaspari Nutrition’s products, and he is powerless to refund them:

The DEA has your product

I am sorry but I can’t do anything about that

This is coming after Patrick has sold ErgoPharm, been raided by the DEA, and is auctioning off Proviant Technologies, leading to widespread speculation that he is in heavy financial debt, which he is unable to pay. He has, however, claimed to have the continuing support of his fan base, alleging to a Gaspari Nutrition employee, in spite of his inability to reimburse or refund them, that:

…I have more fans and support that you can ever ever dream of…

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