NPC & IFBB Sexual Harassment allegations covered up on message board

sexualharassmentOn June 8th, Carolyn Bryant posed the question “Would you sleep with a judge or IFBB/NPC official for a pro card” to the members of a message board she frequents. Although she is a member of the site, and not on staff, her questions clearly do not reflect the views of the site or its management.

A spirited discussion followed her question, with numerous members alleging that this is commonplace in both the NPC (National Physique Committe) as well as the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders). Specific instances were cited, and examples were given by multiple members.

Unfortunately, that discussion was short lived, as the thread has since disappeared, in yet another incident of what is believed to be the NPC/IFBB attempting to cover up their tracks, and fight the spread of honest information and open dialogue.

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