Letter to the Editor from Patrick Arnold


I was wondering if you can post a rebuttal to the article which claims I am in debt to Gaspari Nutrition.

These are the facts:

  • 1) Proviant received 50% down payment on an order for 50kg of 6-oxo from Gaspari (as required per contract)
  • 2) Proviant manufactured the 50kg for GN
  • 3) the 50kg was confiscated by the DEA, never to be returned
  • 4) shortly thereafter Rich Gaspari called Proviant asking for his 50kg. Rich Gaspari stated that he had tested 6-oxo and that he found no contamination, so he wanted his 50kg
  • 5) Proviant proceeded to manufacture his 50kg. Again.
  • 6) Rich Gaspari called Proviant again and this time he said he did not want the 50 kg anymore (due to attorney advice)
  • 7) Proviant ends up getting stuck paying for 100kg of 6-oxo while receiving money for the equivalent of only 25 kg. This amounts in a net loss to Proviant of approximately $150,000

It is important to note that not once did we recieve a demand from Gaspari asking for their money. Rich Gaspari has both my personal cell phone number and that of my partner Ramlakhan Boodram. This was an unfortunate situation and both GN and Proviant, and both
companies ended up losing.

The fact of the matter is however, Proviant lost much more than GN

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