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On June 9th,kilo Anthony Roberts confirmed the rumor that Kilo Sports had been raided. At first this looks like nothing more than the DEA trying to shut down a producer of grey market pro-hormones and designer steroids, but when we take a closer look we find quite a story behind this raid.

You may remember hearing about Kilo Sports a few years ago, related to the arrest of Bruce Kneller. Mr. Kneller is well known in the industry; firstfor  being Dan Duchaine’s research assistant and understudy, later for being a supplement designer, and finally for being one of the biggest (convicted) steroid-dealers in the country. When he parted ways with Duchaine, he went on to work with various companies, including Biotest, MuscleMag International, Muscular Development, and others.

Ultimately, he went on to work as a sports supplement formulator for Gaspari Nutrition, taking the place of Martin McDermott, the President of Kilo Sports, Inc – who had formerly been contracted by Rich Gaspari as a formulator and raw material supplier for Gaspari Nutrition.

During the time he was working in the nutritional industry, Kneller spent a great deal of time traveling back and forth from China, purchasing raw hormone powder. He used that powder to make thousands of bottles of high quality anabolic steroids, which he sold discreetly through mail order in the USA. He was called the biggest steroid dealer in the country by the Boston media.

Bruce was arrested February 22, 2006 for what turned out to be one of the largest steroid manufacturing operations in United States history (GAC then Red Star of China). Sources close to the Kneller camp claim that the authorities were tipped off by sources inside Kilo Sports, as a result of the bad-blood following Kneller replacing McDermott with Gaspari Nutrition.

Jackie Nassery, the vice-president of Kilo Sports, is the sister of Liz Gaspari (formerly Liz Nassery), Rich Gaspari’s wife.

Kneller was recently released from prison and is rumored to currently be in China with his wife. Back in the ‘States, there is strong speculation around the Kilo Sports camp that Kneller was somehow involved in this recent raid, as it coincides closely with his release date from prison.

Payback? Coincidence?

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