Inside information about Farmacia de Juicy Phruit

m_image121622b89b89388fad020cb32c91In looking at some of the pictures and names of 41 of the “criminals” arrested today in Operation Farmacia de Juicy Phruit (there are approximately 30 more names and pictures yet unreleased), I’ve noticed several striking details – and recognized many people I know personally. Of course a picture is just a picture, but if they truly are worth a thousand words, then these pictures definitely don’t say, “criminal”. These 40 mostly clean cut men could easily be this years Houston Police Academy Graduating Class! Or pictures of returning veterans! Like I said… looks only tell you so much, but I can promise you one thing, none of these guys robbed citizens or family members to pay for their juice!

On a personal level, I live in Houston, and the people I know from the current list were NOT dealers, but only END USERS. From what I have heard only a few of these people arrested dealt steroids on any kind of significant level. In other words, the small timers were selling to their friends to help afford their own cycles. This is very common in the steroid (and drug) world – selling a little bit of your extras to pay for your own stash.

Again, I’ll repeat, that to the best of my knowledge, many of the so-called steroid dealers who were arrested are nothing more than end users.


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