Editorial: Dr.S on the Lee Thompson cover-up attempt


th1If you’ve been reading Anthony Roberts blog, you will have seen this post recently:

 Head of the NPC (Texas), Lee Thompson, has been named/associated with the recent strings of steroid busts throughout Texas. It is unclear right now if he was arrested for possession, distribution, or simply named because some of the people who were arrested had been associated with his chain of gyms, One 2 One Training Center – which have earned a reputation as a “hardcore” place to workout (I’m sure you can figure out what that means).

    It appears, and I’m hearing this from multiple sources, that he was simply arrested for possession, or named in connection with this massive bust – which wouldn’t be surprising. He owns three gyms and is head of the NPC for Texas, so it would be almost impossible if his name didn’t come up in some way (rightly or wrongly).

I’ve thought long and hard about this matter and have come to a conclusion; it’s not a big deal that Lee Thompson was arrested for conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids. The big deal is that he tried to cover it up, and used his influence for wrong. In my estimation, this is the biggest issue in the steroid community today: deception. A chairperson of the National Physique Committe or judge for the International Federation of Bodybuilders (which Lee is both) getting caught with steroids, is like David Stern getting caught playing a game of  H_O_R_S_E, or one on one.

It simply comes with the territory.

Everyone with half a brain, realizes that Steroids are worts-kept secret in every Bodybuilders training regime.  So why would this arrest effect the man’s position within the industry?

I will stand up and say that if he admits his wrong doing, and accepts the repercussions, then let him be. Nobody should have a problem with a man who admits his mistakes.

But as we have seen already, Mr. Thompson has focused the lion’s share of his energy into deceiving us, so the likelihood of him coming clean is bad (and getting worse by the hour). I can trust a man who sells steroids, as long as he does so in a honest manner. What I cannot trust is a lying, deceiving con artist.

What disgusted me the most was the misuse of power on his behalf – numerous well known and well respected members of the bodybuilding community were enlisted to help pass these lies along. I know loyalty is important, but surely loyalty for the community as a whole should outweigh loyalty to one individual who won’t stand up and admit that he was caught dealing steroids. 

Once again, because he was the first to report on this matter, several days before the indictment was unsealed – proving him right, Anthony Roberts was made the bad guy. He was asked by some to apologize immediately. Now, the question remains, will AR receive the same apology demanded of him, like he deserves? Most likely no. Will the people who attacked him even acknowledge the fact that they were proven wong? I doubt it. Most will ignore the fact or make up a fantasy based excuse. Why does AR constantly get the blame for telling the truth while most get fame behind lies and deceit?

I’m not sure.

In the end we are only as good as our words; if you don’t have that you have NOTHING. My advice to Lee Thompson is to Man Up, take responsibility,  I will be the first person to back you to retain your position within the bodybuilding industry – and so will many others, including Anthony Roberts. Nobody respects a coward, and if you don’t face the public, and continue your lies, you’re nothing more than a coward.

So good luck my friend, and I hope you find the strength to be honest, and may your supporters follow.

About the Author

Dr. S holds a PhD in public health and is employed by an Ivy League University.