Cayenne pepper, the most overlooked supplement found in every kitchen?

Cayenne pepper rapidly boosts metabolic rate, as measured by oxygen consumption and energy expenditure (1, 2, 3). While the proposed mechanism for this effect is assumed to be through thermogenic beta-adrenergic stimulation (4), it is not clear whether this effect is direct or indirect. It may also be related to one of the active constituents of capsicum, Capsaicin, and its promotion of catecholamine release (5).

Cayenne pepper boosts carbohydrate oxidation during exercise and at rest (5). Simply stated, more carbohydrate burning means more calories are being burned – clearly a desired trait for shedding that excess weight. Finally, cayenne pepper also assists in appetite suppression(6, 7) something that can become a critical factor for even the most strong-willed dieter.

Overlooked or not, from these effects one can see that cayenne pepper delivers remarkable benefits for those attempting to lose weight. Especially when considering cayenne pepper’s synergistic quality for reducing food intake and increasing energy expenditure in combination with caffeine (8).

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