A Path Less Traveled

In this age of steroid forums and blogs ( like my own ) , we are truly lucky members of the steroid community, unlike the veterans that came before us and relied on gym rumors ( which for the most part are horrible ) or the few books that were out. I started my steroid use in those Dark Ages , where the answer to my question was not at the touch of a mouse. I made many stupids mistakes. Despite this plethora of knowledge available, some rookies feel the need to think though they nothing about steroids, they know better then everyone else. This is one of many issues within this arena.

Another is reckless advice, I find even on the board I frequent, some don’t realize the damage they can inflict with a few stupid words , some many are ready to spit out nonsense they heard from someone else, that though I piss some off , I have to speak up. Please understand , I am not insulting you , I am trying to help someone else.

Though I do bash a lot for being a Veteran or Mod , and having scumbag tendencies, I do have to show you the real men and women that make this world turn. There are several good , hard working people out there donating their time with the only compensation being only the reward of helping a total stranger. I spoke of the previous issues, as just a few issues that occur, and the only safety net that exists are these fine people ( Mod’s , Admin’s, Vet’s ). No they aren’t taking bribes or kickbacks, no free gear to promote a source, nope the may get a free membership. Thats not much for the work they do.

So while I understand why some Mod’s take the dirt bag road, because most times it is a thankless job.  I still don’t find it to be acceptable. So I write this article not just for Mod’s and Admin’s , no I want to take the moment to thank all the honest and incredible people who spend half there life trying  to help others on their journey through AAS. Without them the forums would be over ran with scammers and frauds ( not to mention medical issues ). The worst issue of this is the real justice seekers are normally blackballed , because they expose certain frauds ( who have large followings ), and then are ridiculed until the issue is nolonger an issue. This is how you realize that the abuser is still the prevelant  leader, and let me explain why.

Blame it on the government, well that lovely commitee that made steroids a class II controlled substance. I think last year steroids were directly responsible for 2 deaths ( don’t quote me but I am damn close ), and I have to say I don’t know of any other class II controled substance that can claim the same. So by this conviction, Anabolic Steroids are pushed to the back alley, and underground markets , where we find no regulation can be made. The is no law enforcement to control the quality and legitimacy.

So with this in mind we start to get below the surface of the issues of our community.  By allowing the steroid game sink  to such depths , we exposed ourselves to many predators. Most involved in the sales of steroids is not involved for the love of the game, its for the love of money. So we have every con man with access to steroids throwing their hat in the ring. This is where the core of the mess is facilitated.  We have no defense against such, and we will not until we decide enoughs enough.

I bring this point up to further my original point, we need to thank the honest people that help everyday for only the love of the game. We need to stop idolizing two bit scumbags , just because they have a following. This is unacceptable, I find myself encountering more daily, and feel helpless. If they are trying to improve their own needs and ignore what is best for the community, then they have to go. I don’t trust a source where the owner doesn’t do steroids themselves. We want to be taken seriously, and to legitimize what we do, but we have to clean up our own mess first. This can only be done by the few, who decide to take the path less traveled.

I love this community and take a huge risk daily and find it is worth the risk. I don’t make anything for what I do, and don’t need to make anything. I just want change, I want the recreational steroid user to walk the streets holding their head high, without fear of the lies causing them harm.  And this starts with the Anthony Roberts, Carl Lemores, Aaron Singermans, and many others. So for your hard work, I thank you all, I am honored to write along side you, and to be brothers to the rest of you. God Bless!

Please feel free to contact me at drs@steroidslive.com with any questions or comments you may have.

About the Author

Dr. S holds a PhD in public health and is employed by an Ivy League University.