It’s Time To Stand Up

First I would like to apologize for such a long hiatus since I last wrote on this fine Online Newspaper, I found myself not ready to write anything of importance so I didn’t write. I did wake up this morning with something on my mind, the fact that the Government uses our community ( The Steroid Community ) as a hunting grounds for there own careers’ benefit. Look at Texas over the last 4 or 5 years, it has been the trampoline upon many Gov. employees have leaped upon to climb that ladder, whether it is local authorities, or our oh so prestige congressman and senators, they all find comfort in attacking a group that has no real defenders. It is like attacking an old lady in a wheelchair when no one is around.

Now while I do find there gross misuse of power a injustice, I don’t blame them totally, nope I feel we are just as responsible. The reason being is we sit here hidden behind computer screens and do nothing to attempt to defend ourselves, and why is that, well for most we are embarrassed by a stigma that we don’t even believe. So it most mean popular opinion is more important then what the truth is. In the US, I believe the deaths caused by steroids are single digits a year ( I have seen several different stats and they vary but all are single digits). Why is this such a focus when legal items such as cigarettes and alcohol are responsible for an absurdly higher number? As I said before , it is an easy win and another feather in their political cap, look at our current VP of the US, look at his political track record, you might find a few consistent topics. It has become the new agenda for every political newcomer , to get ahead.

So everything I have said upto this point isn’t breaking news, it is commonsense, the only issue with commonsense is it isn’t that common, but neither is the answer. All we need to do is Stand Up and Speak Up. I know that sounds dangerous, but we don’t have to throw ourselves under the bus to do so, we don’t need to explain we are recreational users of steroids. no we can go through the back door. We need to write to the many branches of Government that having large  steroids bust will a crack dealer sells safely a few miles away. Explain that wasting resources that could help so many other real issues is unacceptable. Send them the figures of deaths per year, show them what they already know but ignore for their own gain, show how much gang violence is related to real drugs, and how there was no drive by shootings last year over steroids sales.

This can be fixed, we just need the all the people on the forums and in the gyms , to stop talking and start acting. It’s time that the recreational steroid user stands up and says enough is enough, and for the Bodybuilders to make a stand, and for all the powerful members of our community to come together, because honestly all that stands between us and legitimacy is an Interest Group to back us and promote the truth ( we also need to clean up our owm issues in the mean time) or even turn the tables on such people like Hooten who spread lies and false statements in an effort to discredit us. I know that seems some what nieve that all we need is a supporting group, but it is the truth, most of the darkside will be removed in the process, with legitimacy will come the end of the back alley market place for most ( nothing will ever rid us of all the blackmarket aspect of this community ). If safety is really their first objective then legalizing should be the answer, the quality control currently is appauling at best and the idea of stopping steroids all together is a pipe dream. Why would it be a priority anyway, when you have so many plagues on humanity that need immediate attention it just bewilders me.

The momentum has to change and it needs to start somehow, so next time there is a false statement about steroids, or another all out raid , where they spend millions of dollars that could have stopped a real issue, say something , STAND UP! I do on a daily basis, but I can’t do it alone.

About the Author

Dr. S holds a PhD in public health and is employed by an Ivy League University.